Hey guys, it’s been a few months since our last post and a few things have happened. Krista and I worked on baton for a while, and this allowed us to experiment with some fun drills. The padded batons made it possible for us to practice at full speed, and challenge each other by taking advantage of any mistake our partner made. Secondly, I taught a friend for about a month who was completely green. The drill experimentation Krista and I were doing really helped me during these training periods since I went in knowing what I wanted to cover. Again, we used the padded batons and I would have the trainee perform as fast as he could, while also executing techniques successfully. I was very happy to see that by the end of several training sessions, he was mostly successful at parrying full speed strikes and was able to perform strikes quickly.

Now for the exciting news.

group shot

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A Question of Gear

gear picture

For training weapons right now, we are going to be using Actionflex escrima sticks and then these heavy plastic sticks from cold steel. I know a lot of people aren’t really into foam, and I understand that, but they are really great tools for practice, especially for beginners (I’ll probably get into that in another post) for the following reasons:

  • Safe use of uncontrolled strikes (kind of important for Krista, as she’s an illustrator and needs her hands) We like to practice at full speed as much as possible, and these make that possible.
  • Very little protection required. At most, optional mask and light gloves.
  • cost effective

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