West Coast Jogo do Pau (JDP) is a study group based in Vancouver that meets every Sunday from 3:30 to 5:30 at the Ache Brasil studio on Broadway. The group is led by Matthew Knight and assisted by Krista Gibbard, who were both introduced to the martial art by coach Luis Preto. We aim to create a positive and constructive environment in which practitioners of all levels can learn, experiment, and spar.

Jogo do Pau

Jogo Do Pau is a Portuguese martial art which includes the practice of both outnumbered and single combat, and focuses primarily on the 1.5m staff, and more recently, on singlehanded weapons such as the baton and walking cane. The lotus staves we use are specially ordered from Portugal, and are distinguished by having a tapered grip that is thicker towards the tip of the weapon. The history of Jogo do Pau is long and fascinating, but we cannot claim to be experts. Please visit Luis’s page on its history for a more in depth look at its origins.