New Space!

Today was a big day for our little study group! Now that the weather is starting to turn less pleasant, we decided to make the leap to the great indoors. It wasn’t easy finding a space to rent that was A) affordable, and B) had tall enough ceilings, but we happened upon a perfect fit. We’re happy to announce that our new home is the Capoeira Aché Brasil Academy in Mount Pleasant. There’s something kind of perfect about practicing Portuguese stick fighting in a Brazilian studio which also happens to be one of the training locations for Maelstrom, a local club that teaches Southeast Asian martial arts. When you practice a niche combat art, it’s nice to know you’re in good company. 


Speaking of good company, before heading down to the studio for our first indoor session, we stopped by Academie Duello to drop off a massive bundle of specially ordered sticks. Yeah, we ordered branches from Portugal. But I promise, these are the nicest branches you’ve ever seen. It has been our experience that lotus and quince are very difficult woods to find in North America, but they beat out every other type of wood when it comes to feel and durability. Over the past year we have chipped, splintered, and broken our way through a lot of training weapons.

The staves and batons that we finally got our hands on are wonderfully durable, and 100% authentic. We love the unique taper of the staves, but we’re still getting used to the hefty weight of the batons. They feel a bit intense compared to some of the lighter sticks we’ve used in the past, but nothing gives you incentive to parry properly like one of these bad boys heading straight for your hand.



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